My Bucket List

  1. Make a video game.
  2. Go to America and go for a boat ride on the Everglades.
  3. Go to the Gold Coast and go to Wet ‘n’ Wild, Disney World and Sea World again. 
  4. Go to Paris and climb the Eiffel Tower. 
  5. Hold a Koala again.
  6. Get a job.
  7. Be a computer programmer.
  8. Make 5 million dollars.
  9. Make a really good game and sell it to Nintendo.
  10. Become a You-tuber.
  11. Make a video game company.
  12. Make 10 different video games.
  13. Design 50 different Pokemon and show them to the company that makes Pokemon. 
  14. Go to Holland and go to the Efteling again.
  15. Get a phone.

My Favourite Animal

My Favourite Animal

Classification- My favourite animal is the Saltwater Crocodile. The scientific name for crocodile is crocodylus prosus. The Saltwater Crocodile belongs to the reptile family. The crocodile is cold-blooded like all other reptiles. 

Description- The saltwater crocodile has eyes on top of its head and and nostrils on top of its head so it can poke its head out of the water and take a breath while the rest of the body is still concealed under the water. The crocodiles can be grey or greenish-grey. They have a long tail to propel themselves through the water and short legs to walk on land.

Habitat- The Saltwater Crocodile  can live in freshwater or saltwater. They live in South East Asia, Eastern India and Northern Australia. The Saltwater Crocodile can swim in the water or walk on land.

Diet- They eat many different things ranging from small fish to mammals as big as themselves. They don’t chew their pray, they just swallow them whole. 

Behaviour- When the Saltwater Crocodiles are hunting, they lie in the water waiting for an animal to come to the water and have a drink. If the crocodile kills a big animal, it will clamp onto a part of the animal with its jaw and start spinning around and around. That movement is called a death roll. They are fast in the water but are slow on land. They tend to stay in the water most of the time. Crocodiles are able to jump out of the water and catch flying birds!

Life Cycle- An adult crocodile lays its eggs between 12 and 16 years of age. After 80 days, the eggs hatch. The baby crocodiles spend 3-4 years with their mum.  Then the young crocodiles leave their mum to learn how to defend themselves. When the young crocodiles become adults, the life cycle starts all over again.